The custom tattoo service includes:

- Consultations before tattooing -
Familiarization with possible complications and dangers, advantages and disadvantages of tattooing on certain parts of the body. Only adult people can get tattooed.

- Agreement on motif -
Size, price, duration of tattooing, introduction to different styles in which a certain motif can be tattooed.

- Making a sketch -
The production of one or more sketches is charged according to the price list, as well as possible modifications and changes. After tattooing, the client becomes the owner of the sketch. The sketch is made on a computer or drawn by hand.

- Tattooing -

- Tattoo Care Instructions -
Written and oral instructions on how to maintain the tattoo, acquaintance with possible complications and dangers, wrapping the tattoo with transparent foil.

- Touchup or tattoo repair -
Defects on tattoos must be reported no later than 1 month after the tattooing, if it is not reported within that period, the tattoo is considered correct, and any further finishing is charged. Repair of tattoos on fingers, elbows and knees is charged.

- The tattoo is not photographed or published -

Lotus Tattoo and Piercing Studio is designed to be a studio without catalogs, to be a studio where access to clients will be direct and individual. Here we put your personal expression in the first place ...
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