Tattoos are permanent and their removal is painful and expensive, so better think twice before you decide to put a tattoo on yourself.
Motives that you put on your skin should be in accordance with your personality, and be a harmonious part of your expression.
Tattooing is a painful process and causes stress and fatigue, so before tattooing eat abundantly and rest, anxiety of hunger makes harder to sit still … [ more ]


Tattooing is a process during which the ink is inserted into the skin.
Color is inserted by the needle passing through the upper layer of skin – the epidermis and leads to the lower layer of the skin – the dermis.
After healing color in the epidermis goes out with the scab, and then remains visible layer of ink in the upper dermis.
The dermis is a stable layer of the skin which does not change, so that the color remains permanently in the skin… [ more ]


The healing of your tattoo requires your attention and reasonable behavior.
Tattoo care is very important, and from it depends how the tattoo will finally look like.
In addition to appearance, proper care also affects the prevention of scarring, faster healing and reducing the possibilities of inflammation.
The skin should take on average 14 days to recover from tattoo… [ more ]

Lotus Tattoo and Piercing Studio is designed to be a studio without catalogs, to be a studio where access to clients will be direct and individual. Here we put your personal expression in the first place …
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