Tattoos are permanent and their removal is painful and expensive, so better think twice before you decide to put a tattoo ov yourself.
Motives that you put on your skin should be in accordance with your personality, and be a harmonious part of your expression.
Tattooing is a painful process and causes stress and fatigue, so before tattooing eat abundantly and rest, anxiety of hunger makes harder to sit still and extends the process of tattooing.
Tattooing involves a great number of risks from various infections and diseases, allergic reactions, to unsuccessful attempts that become the subject of ridicule.

That is why it is very important to check the following before tattooing:

– The hygienic conditions in space in which the tattooing takes place must be at a high level, surfaces that come into contact with equipment or tattoo must be either disposable or such that they can be sterilized

– Needles must be sealed in sterile packaging, ink is poured into the cup just before the tattooing, the skin on the part tattooed must be shaved and thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant

– Study the works of the person who will tattoo you and how much he/she has experience with tattooing

At least 24 hours before and after tattooing avoid alcohol and drugs, they enhance bleeding and make it difficult to tattoo, and also contribute to the expulsion of the color from the skin.
Dress appropriately, so that the place you get a tattoo is easily accessible.

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