The healing of your tattoo requires your attention and reasonable behavior.
Tattoo care is very important, and from it depends how the tattoo will finally look like.
In addition to appearance, proper care also affects the prevention of scarring, faster healing and reducing the possibilities of inflammation.
The skin should take on average 14 days to recover from tattoo.

Upon finishing the tattoo artist will clean thoroughly the tattoo and protected it with a bandage.
Do not touch the tattoo at least five days.
The bandage serves to protect the damaged skin from bacteria and impurities from the air and from the touch.
Four days after the tattoo was bandaged remove the bandage and clean the tattoo.
A tattoo is best cleaned with warm water and a mild shampoo or soap.
It should be cleaned gently not to irritate the skin, but in detail in order to remove the all from the skin.
After cleaning the tattoo dry by patting with a paper towel, and apply a thin layer of ointment.
A tattoo should be cared for in this way three to four times a day during the first three days.
After that, you only need to make sure that the tattoo is lubricated until the skin is completely healed.

It is recommended:

– The tattoo must always be clean and lubricated

– Keep the tattoo uncovered as much as possible, cover it only if it has to be protected from irritation or dirt

– Wear light and airy clothes that cover the tattoo

– Make sure that the tattooed skin is under as little stress and movement as possible, every expansion and contraction of the skin causes stress on the wound and prolongs the healing time and affects the appearance of the tattoo

– Cool occasionally - helps reduce bleeding, relieves irritation, swelling and itching

– Avoid direct sunlight, the sun is very aggressive towards damaged skin

– It is not desirable to excessively soak the skin in water, excessively soaked skin contributes to the loss of color

– Do not scratch nor tear the skin that peels

– Avoid excessive sweating

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