Tattooing is a process during which the ink is inserted into the skin.
Color is inserted by the needle passing through the upper layer of skin – the epidermis and leads to the lower layer of the skin – the dermis.
After healing color in the epidermis goes out with the scab, and then remains visible layer of ink in the upper dermis.
The dermis is a stable layer of the skin which does not change, so that the color remains permanently in the skin.

When choosing a place for tattoo it is necessary to pay attention to the following:

– To put tattoos on always visible place such as hands, neck or head can carry the consequences such as difficulty in finding work or wrong judgment in a society that does not tolerate such expression.

– In places where the skin is most stretched (elbow, knee, ankles …) tattoos will quickly lose its look, you will have to more often refresh it, and often repair immediately after healing.

– On the palms and soles is extremely difficult to keep the ink in the skin and keep look of your tattoo.

– At the top of the hand and fingers skin is exposed to all weather conditions and are much stretched, tattoos on those parts of the body quickly lose its look and often must be repair immediately after healing.

The needle penetrates the skin only a few millimeters, and the pain felt is mostly described as stronger scratching or pinching.
The intensity of pain depends from person to person, but the pain of tattooing is mainly within the limits of tolerance of the average person.
People who do not tolerate pain should avoid places of intense pain.
Some painkillers may alleviate pain. Consumption of alcohol and drugs does not ease the pain.

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